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Sleeping bag baby camouflage paix bed

Sleeping bag baby camouflage paix bed
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Sleeping bag baby camouflage paix bed
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100% cotton sleeping bag
Interior 100% cotton jersey
Polyester wadding:
200gr lining for additional warmth and softness.

Velcro closure straps.
By opening the 2 sides via a zipper.

Front length: 74 cm
Back length: 77cm

Color: Khaki, beige, beige.

For children, sleep is Sacred! It represents 16 to 18 hours a day for a newborn, 13 to 15 hours for a Small Two Years. To Accompany HIM Into the arms of Morpheus, you want to prepare him / her a little cocoon ''at any time.

No Need To Bed Until The age of 18 months: Pillows, duvets and blankets! Rather prefer gentleness and heat by putting Additional Year To The adorable sleeping bag store.

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The Sleeping bags Offers Additional Class Elegance Warmth and softness That You Will Leave Your Bout'chou outside. It Is a nice complement year and elegant outfit That Will delight you Furth, You Can Easily get in your surroundings and to quietly make your baby sleep.
Discover our elegant Sleeping Collection Offers Practical dimensions for your new working and social life.

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Choose to give birth the gift that will make a unique gift to get the newborn to the delight of the parent.

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