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The sleeping baby. Essentials for your baby's sleep.
In the womb, baby sleeps mostly during the day, his sleep being lulled by the movements and the voice of mom. It is activated at night when she lies down and wants to sleep! After birth, baby sleeps about 16 hours on 24, in phases of approximately 3 hours. Once it has differentiated day and night (around 5-6 weeks), the infant will gradually extend its phases of nocturnal sleep up to 6, 9 and 12 o'clock (about 6 months) and reduce time daytime naps. His sleep is organized in cycles, and at night, at the end of each baby is experiencing micro-awakenings, and falls asleep immediately. Normally ... but is not always so well adjusted! One in four children still wake up her parents at night between 6 months and a year more on breast-feeding. At 4 years, nearly one in two children still has difficulty falling asleep at night and wakes up at night (source: Vendome laboratories). If it is you, read on ...
Some tips to promote sleep From birth, you can create a bedtime routine for your baby: a light night, back in mobile music, read a story, make a caress and a kiss before leaving the room. From 9 months, this ritual is essential: baby is now aware that you leave it, it needs to be reassured to find sleep, and reassures the routine. Even tired, take the time to sleep: more baby senses that you want to go faster, he feels that you want to get rid of him and has trouble falling asleep ... On the other hand, the crib should never be used as a park or place of punishment. If it's hard to leave you to sleep, talk with him, tell him that he does not miss anything, it's time for parents, it is not obliged to sleep, but it is time to stay quiet in bed. Finally, the ideal room is quiet, airy and sufficiently moistened regularly. The temperature should not exceed 20 C. Baby is lying on a firm mattress, without cover or pillow, and sleeping in a sleeping bag or surpyjama or just pajamas when he sleeps between his parents (their heat is sufficient).
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