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The company Koumaya O. France is located in the prestigious town of Versailles. We are specialized in textile quality and we work to satisfy a diverse clientele in this world.
Our priority is to offer unique items that are different from others and want to personalize your day. The company Koumaya O. is continually looking for novelties to offer exceptional that you like.
By developing a range in apparel, the Company Koumaya O. remains faithful to his first love: the fabrics, textures, patterns, effects of style and love to please through fashion creations by unique, rare and exceptional.
We decided to create a website to order online so you can enjoy our wide variety of products at any time while maintaining the aim to offer excellent service.
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Bébécompote is 2 textile choice for your birthday gift and clothing of your sleeping bag:
=> The sleeping bag BIRTH:
Each gig of this category is a unique product.
The sleeping bag is fully cotton / polyester fabric with a 100% jersey;

=> The sleeping bag CUSTOM printed on both sides:
The exterior is made of polyester and the lining is cotton percale.

Comfortably warm at all times
To pay with your order